Your life is not an accident.  You came here with a plan.  You were born with a divine mission… a sacred purpose.  And, you know it!

Are you ready to earth that vision and make it a reality?


So what is stopping you?  Many service-based professionals settle for lack-luster results in their life and business even though they know deep within the core of their being that they are doing what they came here to do. Being successful in your divine right business is your sacred birthright.


The solution is as close as your breath…


Embedded in your body is all the information you need to solve any perceived problem and create the life and career success you have always dreamed of.  Let me show you how to reconnect to the source of your passion and together, let’s create the world we envision. Contact me for a discovery session at 785-633-2424 or email me at


There comes a time...

when you just have to say...ENOUGH!  You know what I mean...that energy deep inside your core begins to bubble up...all the things that you have learned to tolerate begin to accumulate...until there is just no more room for any more bullshit.  You just can't keep looking the other way.  You can't keep avoiding the won't let you.  When you look around at the state of the world and what we have learned to accommodate, avoid, accept, or allow out of ignorance, your body, your heart, your soul just won't allow it any longer. 

You feel the surge of energy rising and you energetically begin to scream: 

I will not allow this any longer on this planet.


And there it is! The truth behind all of the chaos that we see right now.  There have been so many things that THE DIVINE SHE just will not allow any longer.  The Sacred Feminine is making her appearance felt in a very loud way.  There are so many, many things that have been allowed to take place on this planet that are no longer sustainable.  We cannot expect to live here unless these things are addressed.  We cannot hope to survive as a viable species on this planet unless we address them. 

Racial Inequality, Global Hunger, The Harming of our Children, Environmental Demise, The Global Health Crisis, Civil and Global Unrest, and of course...Pandemics...

And this is just the short list...When we see it, it is so overwhelming...and dealing with just our small portion, our small little piece of it seems to take up all of our time!  How are we ever going to survive?  How can any of us hope to make even a drop of difference?




What if I told you it was possible?!!!

  • What if I told you that there are tiny little shifts that you can make, that all of us can make.  And when enough of us begin to make these shifts, we can shift the balance of what we see? 

  • What if I suggested that all the chaos that we are living in right now is necessary and a good thing?  What if I said that all of these systems need to break down, so that we can create new more functional systems that are going to serve us long into the future?

  • What if I told you that there are ways that you can walk through the chaos to the other side of it with ease and grace...and you can help your friends and loved ones do this too?


What is needed now more than ever is Fierce Love ~

The Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine. 

  • Fierce Love doesn't have to think about what to knows. 

  • Fierce Love finds real doesn't settle for platitudes and placebos. 

  • Fierce Love commands all your energy and attention but it is efficient and effective. 

  • Fierce Love knows how to take swift action.

  • Fierce Love knows how to step into the world as a Sovereign Being and make tough decisions in a way that benefits the whole.

  • Fierce Love can save our world and enrich and enliven your life in ways you can't imagine!

I have gathered a panel of over 30 experts from a variety of wisdom schools and life experience.  We are here to show you how you can begin to reach into the depths of your being and access the power of the Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine within you.   Here are just a few of the topics we will cover...

Dionne Ruff-Sloan

Sacred Rage:  Honoring It and Working with It

Anaiya Sophia

Acceptance is NOT Acceptable

Dr. Rima Bonario

Discovering Your Soul-Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty


TJ Bartel

The Evolution of the Feminine and the Survival of Humanity

Cayelin Castell

Witnessing the Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine through the Cosmos

Alexandra Pope  (Red School) 

Menopause - Initiation into Sovereignty

Monica Shaw

Financial Sovereignty:  Becoming a Money Magnet

Bonnie Salamon

Claiming Your Sovereign Wise Woman

Gia Combs-Ramirez

Finally!  Emotional Freedom is HERE!



Here are all of our amazing speakers!

                   Gia Combs-Ramirez                                           Anaiya Sophia                                               Astara Ashley                                          Dionne Ruff-Sloan

                  Dr. Rainbow Mooon                                          Aurora Farber                                   Alexandra Pope (Red School)                              Cayelin Castell                       

                    David Cody Hunter                                                   TJ Bartel                                                      Bonnie Salamon                                        Lettie Sullivan           

                           Dr. Rima Bonario                                      Rev. Stephanie Red Feather                                  Linda  Star Wolf                                            Yeshe Chodron                                                                 

                   Rachel Pfotenhauer                                    Elizabeth Wood                                                Jewels Wingfield                                             Sara Estelle Turner          

                 Thea Summer Deer                                    Veronica Anderson                                               Flora Ware                                                    Nicole Pemberton          

                Phoenix Na Gig                                                       Monica Shah                                                    Judy Keating                                               Tayria Ward        

             Sharon Fallon Shreve                                        Lainie Love Dalby                                                Carrie Scoby                                        Your host, Kathy Forest

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees.

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As the transformation on this planet deepens and we see all the work that is yet to be done, we can get overwhelmed.  With all we already have on our plate, Sovereignty may seem like a daunting task.  We all know we want a safe and abundant place for our children to grow up.  We want them to be able to have the experiences in nature that we have had.  We want them to live in an environment that supports them.  But when we see at the devastation all around us, we feel frozen, unsure of how to move forward.  

Your passion is the doorway...your key to awakening the Fierce Love lying dormant within you.  It is time to allow it to awaken your own SUPER-POWERS lying dormant within you!

By tapping in to the GREAT SOURCE, you too can empower yourself and your loved ones to move forward and create the changes so desperately needed on this planet right now!


Are you in?

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees.

★ Simply click the button below to register today for Stepping Into Sovereignty