Sara Estelle Turner


Interview Topic:

Feminine Financial Flow - How to Invite and Receive the Sacred Flow of Money into your Life and Healing Business


Sara's interview will be available right here Wednesday, September 23, 10:00 am Central Daylight Time.



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Sara Estelle is a Mentor, a Nature Guide for Healers who wish to grow their own heart-centered and successful healing business and who are also passionate and ready to move forwards to shine their own unique light into the world. She is also a modern day Priestess of the New Earth. Sara Estelle works with healers of energy based modalities who struggle to make money from their area of expertise and wish to find aligned and committed clients in feminine and ease filled ways. What separates Sara from other business mentors is that she only works with energy based healers, holds money as sacred and all her programs are infused with nature based rhythms. My clients receive a merging of nature based wisdom and proven step by step guidance, all expressed in light based, easily digestible language. Those that work with me open themselves to receive abundance and nourishment from money as a sacred source identify their unique healing gifts and learn to share this sacred part of themselves in ways that feel joyful, expansive and nourishing

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