Astara Jane Ashley


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Sharing Your Sovereign Voice: How Writing A Book Can Affect Personal and Collective Change

Astara's interview will be available right here Wednesday, September 23, 10:00 am Central Daylight Time.


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Astara Jane Ashley, MA, CHHC is the embodiment of every fractal of her journey. As mom, wife, and daughter, she navigates this dimension—holding space for love and empathy. As publisher, creative director, psychotherapist and leader in the rising feminine movement, Astara understands the importance of collaboration and community in these uncertain times. Astara embodies a deep knowing of her purpose on the planet—to serve her authors by midwifing their books to the world and supporting them to take a quantum leap in their visibility, leadership, and impact. Her thriving online private writer’s group “Published Priestess,” supports women to write from the heart and clear all blocks to authentic self-expression—while being deeply held in an atmosphere of inclusivity, love, and no judgment. Astara leads a popular group writing program, “Divine Writing Journey: Write Your Book in 6 months,” twice each year. She is also the creator of the best-selling “New Feminine Evolutionary” collaborative book series, consisting of seven books and hundreds of contributing authors. Through these potent writing collaborations, Astara holds a sacred container for women to claim their power and their voice—all in the safety of sisterhood. Many voices thread into one vibration of love that ripples out to the universe, bringing hope and liberation to each reader. Astara knows the hurdles in balancing relationships, self-care, time with family, and running a 6-figure business. Her latest publishing imprint is devoted to centering the voices of women of color. “Ancient-Future Unity: Reclaim your Roots, Liberate your Lineage, Live a Legacy of Love”—a collaborative book featuring the voices of 30 black women—will be released in early 2021. Astara’s passion is to support women to elevate their consciousness, lives, and businesses—by distilling their essence and creating resonance and connection through their message—to a place they never dreamed possible, while breaking through perceived barriers to find joy, connection, and purpose in their lives. You’ll find her walking the beach and living the small-town life on the Connecticut shoreline with her family and English Pointer puppy, Kona. Learn more at