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Monday, September 21

Kathy Forest           10:00 am

Interview Topic: What Would Fierce Love Do Now?

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Tayria Ward                      12 pm

Interview Topic: Tiger in the Heart:  Finding Strength in Vulnerability

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Linda Star Wolf, PhD          12 pm

Interview Topic: Sekhmet:  Embrace Your Fierce Compassion and Transformation

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Dionne Ruff-Sloan           12 pm Interview Topic: Sacred Rage: Honoring It and Working with It

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Cayelin Castell            12 pm

Interview Topic:  Witnessing the Fierce Love of the Sacred Mother through the Cosmos

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Phoenix Na Gig                12 pm

Interview Topic: Speaking from The Oracle - Fierce Feminine Love for a New Earth

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Tuesday, September 22

TJ Bartel                 10 am

Interview Topic: Feminine Evolution and the Survival of Humanity

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Judy Keating                    10 am

Interview Topic: Energetic Sovereignty

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Nicole Pemberton            10 am

Interview Topic: You are the Embodiment You have been Searching For

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Dr. Rima Bonario            10 am

Interview Topic: Discovering Your Soul Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty

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Gia Combs~Ramirez      10 am

Interview Topic: Finally!  Emotional Freedom is Here!

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Rachel Pfotenhauer          10 am

Interview Topic: The Trinity and Becoming Your Own Holy Vessel

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Wednesday, September 23

Monica Shah                    10 am

Interview Topic: Financial Sovereignty:  Become a Money Magnet

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Sara Estelle Turner           10 am

Interview Topic: Feminine Financial Flow - How to Invite and Receive the Sacred Flow of Money into your Life and Healing Business

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Astara Jane Ashley           10 am

Interview Topic: Sharing Your Sovereign Voice: How Writing A Book Can Affect Personal and Collective Change

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Lettie Sullivan                   10 am

Interview Topic: Reclaiming Feminine Time

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Aurora Farber                   10 am

Interview Topic: Awaken Sleeping Beauty: Reclaim your Mythic Story and Awaken the Sovereign Queen Within

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Flora Ware                  10 am

Interview Topic:  The Sacred Intersection of Your Passion, Purpose and Profession

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Thursday, September 24

Bonnie Salamon          10 am

Interview Topic:  Claiming Your Sovereign Wise Woman

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Alexandra Pope  (Red School)

10 am

Interview Topic: Menopause:  Initiation Into Sovereignty

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Jewels Wingfield             10 am

Interview Topic: The Maiden and the Menopause

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Rainbow Mooon, Phd     10 am

Interview Topic: What is the Fierce Love of the Sacred Feminine?

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David Cody Hunter     10 am

Interview Topic: Feminine Wisdom in a Masculine Form

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Rev. Stephanie Red Feather 

                    10 am

Interview Topic: How the Evolutionary Empath Blueprint Anchors the Divine Feminine Energies and Paves the Way for New Human Consciousness

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Carrie Scoby                   10 am

Interview Topic: Moving From Frozen with Fear to Deliberate Action

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Friday, September 25

Anaiya Sophia                10 am

Interview Topic:   Acceptance is NOT Acceptable

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Elizabeth Wood                10 am

Interview Topic:   Sovereign Service - The New Paradigm of Empowerment

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Yeshe Chodron                10 am

Interview Topic:   Recognizing Sovereignty Within

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Thea Summer Deer        10 am

Interview Topic:  Sacred Union:  Loving Ourselves to Wholeness

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Sharon Fallon Shreve   10 am

Interview Topic:  Spiritual Empowerment through SELF realization

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Veronica Anderson   10 am

Interview Topic:  The Ensoulment Process:  Emotional Alchemy for Your Healing Journey

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Lainie Love Dalby        10 am

Interview Topic:  Ecstatic Embodied Leadership in Trying Times

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