Lettie Sullivan


Interview Topic:

Reclaiming Divine Feminine Time


See Lettie's Interview Right Here Wednesday, September 23 , 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time

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Lettie Sullivan specializes in life’s transitions. As a Professional Organizer and life coach with 13 years experience in private practice, she is a veteran at supporting families and businesses to create organized systems and clear clutter.  Lettie is a Priestess of the Sacred Arts and the Creatrix of the Goddess Ministry, an organization whose mission is to help anchor spiritual practices centered in the Divine Feminine archetypes, metaphysical principles and cosmic time cycles. Lettie is also an inspirational speaker, a professional organizer, a life coach, and an author.  Her most recent essay appears in the new anthology Sovereign Unto Herself: Release Co-Dependencies and Claim Your Authentic Power, published by Flower of Life Press Contact her at: